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Job: Bathroom Renovation

Embark on a narrative of patience and perseverance as we delve into the remarkable transformation of a Russell Lea bathroom—an endeavour that began over a decade ago for our clients. The pursuit of the perfect bathroom was a patient ten-year wait, culminating in their discerning choice of Paramount Bathroom Renovations, a decision anchored in our proven knowledge and expertise. Our collaborative journey commenced with a simple image the clients came across online. Paramount not only brought their dream to life but also provided assurance that their prolonged wait had led them to the right partner. Recognising the emotional weight and cautious optimism surrounding such decisions, Paramount goes beyond mere renovations; we meticulously craft dreams into tangible realities. What distinguishes us is not just our technical prowess but our unwavering integrity. While others might overpromise or dissuade, we stand by our commitments. Each assurance we made materialised into palpable results, leaving our clients genuinely thrilled. Paramount Bathroom Renovations is more than a renovation service; we are architects of trust, transforming dreams into enduring realities.


Job: Bathroom Renovation

Embark on a revealing journey through our recent bathroom renovation project, where the seemingly routine demolition unraveled a narrative of unexpected challenges. What initially appeared as a typical renovation took an unforeseen turn, revealing the hidden consequences of hasty renovations - significant water damage due to failed waterproofing —a stark reminder of the critical importance of craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail. In the face of these challenges, we rose to the occasion, transforming setbacks into opportunities. Our unwavering commitment to excellence shone through as we navigated through the complexities, turning what could have been a stumbling block into a showcase of our dedication to creating enduring masterpieces in every project we undertake. The resulting transformation stands not merely as a renovated space but as a testament to our ethos—to craft spaces that transcend the ordinary, embodying quality, durability, and timeless elegance.


Job: Bathroom Renovation

When we were approached by a client at Hoxton Park who had experienced a waterproofing failure in their house and land package/off the plan purchase, we knew it was important to address the issue promptly. Upon inspection, we found that the bathroom had been fitted with cheap fixtures and fittings that were not installed correctly. Our client was looking for a bathroom renovation company that would take ownership of the rectification work and keep them informed every step of the way. Their main concern was ensuring that the waterproofing was done to a high standard, above the minimum requirements, to prevent the chance of another failure. The client also expressed a desire to have the bathroom feel like a hotel bathroom and we are proud to have exceeded their expectations in that regard.


Job: Bathroom Renovation

We recently had the pleasure of working on a high-end bathroom renovation in Strathfield. Our clients had already put so much time and effort into achieving the look they've always dreamed of for their house, so we knew we had to make sure the bathroom fit right in. Featuring complete wall and floor travertine tiles, special order plastering, and wood trimmings, we're thrilled with how this bathroom turned out. It's truly a stunning addition to an already beautiful home.


Job: Bathroom Renovation

Our recent bathroom renovation project in Stanmore was referred to us as the clients bathroom was suffering from significant water damage due to a failure in waterproofing. The bathroom's wall framing and surrounding areas of the house were also affected. The clients were content with the current layout but wanted to modernise the bathroom with upgraded items and a new colour scheme, with the aim of making the space feel larger. Our team successfully completed the renovation project, addressing the water damage and delivering the desired modernisation while preserving the existing layout.


Job: Bathroom & Ensuite Renovation

Clients were looking to create their forever home and entrusted us with their bathroom renovation in Belfield. We worked closely with them to create a timeless bathroom design that would continue to look new in years to come. Together, we shared ideas, came up with a concept/plan, and executed it to perfection. The final outcome was a complete stripout of the old house, resulting in functional and modern bathroom spaces that brought the whole house into the current era.


Job: Bathroom, Ensuite & Laundry Renovation

First time home buyers decided to take on a renovation project and bought a rundown house to transform it into their dream home. They were referred to us by family members who had previously used our service and were thrilled with the outcome. The homeowners were looking for an ultra-modern look that was spacious and minimalist, and they wanted us to transform their main bathroom, en-suite, and laundry. We were able to turn this complex project around in under 6 weeks, exceeding their expectations and making their dream home a reality.


Bathroom Renovation

We understand the importance of functionality in your bathroom. At Arncliffe, we helped a first-time renovating client turn their cramped bathroom into a spacious oasis. By removing a barely used bathtub and adding a large walk-in shower, we freshened up the space while still preserving the traditional aesthetic of the tiles and decor. We will also endeavour to make the most of your space and keep the design aligned with your home.
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